New Halo 4 details emerge

New Halo 4 details emerge
GAME: Halo 4
DEVELOPER: 343 Industries
COMPANY: Microsoft
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Halo 4 will be an episodic, TV-season like story and will offer "several months of content," developer 343 Industries states.

The details were revealed in Game Informer over the weekend and said the Spartan Ops missions are "an evolving episodic campaign" which supports up to four players and new missions every week.

Spartan Ops will also fit in with the campaign as well as the competitive multiplayer mode, and players can expect the story to unfold every week with a CG movie sequence "chronicling the struggles the Spartans encounter along the way."

"The Spartan Ops season is part of what you get with the package when you buy Halo 4. We want to keep players engaged and coming back week to week," creative director Josh Holmes explained.

"We want to bridge that gap between players who really care primarily about storytelling and give them an opportunity to get their feet wet and experience multiplayer."

The game's lead designer Chris Haluke, says that by delivering constant free content will allow players to explore all aspects of Halo 4.

"By providing players the opportunity to constantly engage with new content that they can come back to, we ultimate have them moving between campaign, co-op and competitive, while weaving this high level story across it all," he told GI. "Providing that narrative arc across the whole thing really ties the experience together."

The full features of what you can expect to see in the game are below, plus the first look video:

Spartan Points

Spartan Points is the new currency in Halo 4 and will afford you things such as armour, armour abilities, Spartan Ops missions.

Spartan Ops

Much like Spec Ops in Modern Warfare but with a storyline.

Reds Fight Blues is basically training in the UNSC Infinity. The UNSC Infinity is a 3km long ship sent into deep space on a mission. It contains a virtual reality sector that creates the multiplayer experience. In the single player mission, you can expect to see the Master Chief visiting here.

Unlike in Reach, sprint will be permanently be available and there is no need to buy it with your Spartan Points. Which means there are two more ability slots available. You can also expect to see Forerunner Vision which allows you to see through walls and stuff.

Returning armor abilities: The hologram, jetpack, and active camouflage will still be available in Halo 4.

No Elites in multiplayer. Simply: "Competitive multiplayer focues on the Spartan IVs. Elites will not be playable." Firefight will make a comeback too.

Revenge medals will also be available. Players will now be rewarded for all their contributions in-game, even if they don't achieve any kills. There is no news on skulls. And there will be no more weapons camping. So you can't hog the weapons! From the article - "This gives the matches other focal points, and it also helps alleviate the advantage longtime players always used to have over newer recruits; the best weapons are not always going to be found at the same spawn locations."

Like in MW, you can now just hit the X button and respawn immediately. So no more delay and finally you can join games in-progress.


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