Sony outlines its VR pricing, games and bundles

Sony outlines its VR pricing, games and bundles
PLATFORM: PlayStation

Sony has announced it will be pricing the PlayStation VR headset on release in October at £349GBP/€399EUR/$399USD at its GDC press conference.

The headset will support positional tracking, low latency and 360 degree audio, as well as boasting more than 50 games between launch and the end of the year.

The PlayStation VR kit will not, however, include the PlayStation Camera which is required for the head tracking. However a Sony rep has told Tech Insider there “will be a bundle in the SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) region with Move and Camera.”
A price has not been confirmed for this, and we’re yet to hear if this bundle will be available in other territories and regions.

In addition, you’ll also need to buy the Move controllers separately.

The announcement triggered record sales figures on online retailers, with sales on Amazon for the PlayStation Camera up by 975% as people try to get ready for the release. The PS VR compatible Move controller also went up by 305%.

One of the more exciting pieces of news coming out of this story was the announcement that there will be a special version of Star Wars: Battlefront from DICE and EA exclusively for the PlayStation VR. There has been no other information, i.e. whether it’s a stand alone game or an add-on to the already released title. And there’s not been a release date announced either, however it wouldn’t be too much to assume it’ll launch nearer the end of the year just before the next Star Wars game/film is due.


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