Microsoft reveal new XBO tech, including VR

Microsoft reveal new XBO tech, including VR
COMPANY: Microsoft

In a surprising announcement, Microsoft has confirmed it will be diving into the world of VR with a new partnership with Valve VR and XBO game-streaming to Oculus Rift.

In addition to this, gamers can expect to see Microsoft HoloLens; a “mixed reality” app that allows players to explore worlds in holographic images, such as Minecraft. It’s probably easier to watch the video, but the future is certainly coming. We’re hoping to see the HoloLens for Halo and Mass Effect. Maybe Star Wars…! But to start with there’s Minecraft. And it’ll be fully supported.


As for VR, Microsoft announced that all Oculus VR headsets will include an XBO controller at launch and will be supported on Windows 10 and XBO. Gamers will only be able to experience the Oculus by streaming the games to Windows 10.

And to do this Microsoft will employ the brain power of Valve VR. Microsoft has said it’s working with Valve VR to make “Windows 10 the best platform for VR gaming”.

We hope so. However, Microsoft’s cross-platform capabilities (between console and PC) has been non-existent for years, and how much VR will be available on XBO is yet to be seen. However, this is a good start - especially with the investment outside of VR and HoloLens; a completely new VR experience.

The new controller, however, was what Microsoft really wanted to shout about. The Elite controller was created in close collaboration with pro gamers and is designed with them in mind. Not only is it a more robust design featuring a stainless steel frame to “withstand hours of intense gameplay”, but the button inputs are all completely customisable. You can even save game profiles so that you’re button layout can be safely stored.


The controller will cost $150 USD on launch in October this year.


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