Bethesda to host E3 conference in 2015

Bethesda to host E3 conference in 2015
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Bethesda has announced it will host its first E3 conference this year.

This is the first time a developer other than a select few (Ubisoft primarily) will host a show, as most others usually align with a platform and exclusivity deals to launch their upcoming titles.

Of course, with Bethesda it could be anything - a new Elder Scrolls game (given the success of Warner Bros Shadow of Mordor and EA’s Dragon Age Inquisition), a new Fallout game; this being the most popular assumption based on rumours from 2013, or even a whole new IP (and hopefully not resurrecting an old one such as Rogue Warrior).

We know Bethesda do some of the best RPG games around, but we could even see the return of Dishonoured or even a new Brink considering the success of Destiny - some could argue that Brink was way ahead of its time.

Or we could see a new IP altogether. It’s not clear. But as the developer is holding its own conference, we can expect to see more than just a couple of titles, with the focus likely being on Doom 4.

If we hear anything more we’ll let you know, but for now we’re just holding on and waiting to see what E3 brings.


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