SteelSeries on new Sibera line up

SteelSeries on new Sibera line up
COMPANY: SteelSeries

ArabicGamers caught up with Geoffrey De Bie, SteelSeries marketing manager, to discuss the new Siberia headset range and the competition in the peripherals market.

In an interview at Games Connection Europe this year, De Bie explained the new Siberia V3 represents “whole new Siberia line up” from the company.

“We’ve totally refined and retuned those amazing products to a new line up,” said De Bie and went on to say that the headsets, the Siberia range in particular, “is our core identity of what SteelSeries is”.

Asked about the focus on the PC market and why there hadn’t been more literature and information on compatibility with consoles, De Bie said that the headsets would work with consoles.

“All the latest products we’ve released are fully cross-platform devices. Our core gaming group, our community; we come from Counter-Strike and those kinds of games, so we are really heavy PC gamers, PC is the master race! But obviously, the new generation of consoles is very interesting to look at and that’s why our products work perfectly with those.”

De Bie also suggested that there may be more dedicated headsets coming out for consoles specifically. When asked, he said “and who knows? We’ll have more of those products coming out.”

We’ll be doing a thorough test of the Siberia headset range and comparing it to the Turtle Beach equivalent, so we’ll let you know more on our thoughts.


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