Bungie wants to “make many Destiny games”

Bungie wants to “make many Destiny games”
GAME: Destiny
COMPANY: Activision
PLATFORM: Xbox PlayStation PC / Mac
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Bungie community manager DeeJ, David Dague, has told ArabicGamers that Bungie “hope to have the right and the luxury to make many Destiny games.”

DeeJ said the beta showed that there had been 4.6 million players, with over six million Guardians created, with no particular class being the favourite.

“We were really thrilled to see that we had a pretty good, even split between each class of Guardian," Deej said.

“Everyone’s first Guardian was pretty evenly split across the different classes."

He also mentioned that the expansion, coming in December, will help broaden the story of Destiny, setting the agenda for future Destiny games.

“People can look forward to exploring, obviously Earth, the moon, Venus and Mars; we’ve announced our first expansion which will land in December which will be the first broadening, the first elaboration of that journey. We hope to have the right and the luxury to make many Destiny games.”

But it seems as though Bungie are just hinting at what could come yet. 

“There are many stories we’d like to make in this brave, new world, but like I say; we earn the right to do that by creating an amazing game, giving you an experience that will blow your mind and hopefully, having you come to us and telling us that you’re ready for more!”

In the last week we've learned that Bungie has developed its own SDK for building the game and that there will be more diversity in public events.

We’ll have more on Destiny throughout the week, and a week ahead of it’s release, we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Bungie’s next game. A game, which DeeJ thinks, “is the best game we’ve ever made.”


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