Dead Space 3, Army of Two 3 from CV listing

Dead Space 3, Army of Two 3 from CV listing
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According to an online CV of game designer Jeremie Benhamou spotted by Superannuation, Visceral Games has been working on Dead Space 3, Army of Two 3 and an unannounced EA project.

Benhamou allegedly has been working on the graphic design and user interface for the unannounced game, as well as the pre-production and concepts for both Army of Two 3 (or Army of Four) and Dead Space 3.

This news comes as EA has today announced it will be releasing some of it's staff from its Montreal studio, where Army of Two is made.

It's part of EA's "routine changes", which happen every year as EA seem to refocus part of the business to new and emerging platforms and markets.

Speaking to GamesIndustry, an EA spokesperson said that the company "is reorganizing some teams to focus on digital initiatives, including new mobile and social projects.

"These are routine changes which address the cyclical nature of the game industry. A very small number of employees will be impacted - many will be assigned to new projects at EA, others will leave the company."

"Overall, we expect that EA's headcount will be up at the end of this year."

What this means for development of Army of Two or Skate It, the two games to come out of the Canadian-based studio is yet to be seen, although we suspect the games are nearly finished.


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