Avalanche Studios: Wii U install base is too small

Avalanche Studios: Wii U install base is too small
DEVELOPER: Avalanche Studios
COMPANY: Square Enix
PLATFORM: Nintendo
BY: Pierce
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Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios has no plans to develop games for the Wii U due to the small install base, according to studio founder Christofer Sundberg.

Sundberg told [via Neogaf] that there are some Wii U devkits around the Avalanche office but right now they're just collecting dust.

He claims that the install base is just too low to consider creating games for the Wii U, and that Avalanche won't be releasing any titles on Nintendo's newest console anytime soon.

Sundberg added that Nintendo is a hard company to contact and that the platform-holder could learn a lot from Sony by reaching out to developers and generating enthusiasm.

The Wii U has had a rough time since launching last year, with many people pointing to the lack of support from third-party publishers as a big reason for this.

Nintendo is hoping to increase the pace of Wii U game releases later this year.


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