DAO Games targets growing Middle Eastern market

DAO Games targets growing Middle Eastern market
DEVELOPER: Mechanist Games
BY: Pierce

Publisher DAO Games is hoping to cater to the fast-growing Middle Eastern market, according to company COO Naji Robehmed.

The first titles to be released by DAO Games include City of Steam and The Lost Titans, both of which will be available in Arabic and English.

Robehmed said the Middle East deserves high-quality, innovative content and that is what DAO Games is aiming to deliver.

"We feel that the Middle Eastern market is one of the fastest growing markets for online games," Robehmed told ArabicGamers.

"There aren't many publishers in the region for online games, and with such a market, we feel that there is enough room for more content that meets players expectations and needs.

"We at DAO Games wanted to break the mold and try to bring to this region content that is of a high quality, innovative and launched at the same time as the rest of the world."

Robehmed also revealed how DAO Games decides on which titles to publish.

"We look for games that are still in development stage, so we can have enough time to discuss and plan with the developer how best to synchronise the launch of the game so that MENA (Middle East North Africa) is part of the worldwide launch plans.

"Of course, the selection of the titles also goes through a thorough testing to ensure the game maintains the high quality, innovative and immersive experience in line with our vision, as well as making sure the content is suitable for our market and if/where needed we can amend the content to our needs."

Beta testing for The Lost Titans is being targeted for 20 February, while City of Steam beta testing is planned for the end of March.


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