Endgame Syria designer denies game is propaganda

Endgame Syria designer denies game is propaganda
DEVELOPER: Auroch Digital
BY: Pierce

The designer of strategy war title Endgame Syria has denied claims that the project is propaganda.

Launched late last week, Endgame Syria allows players to take control of the rebels going up against the government during the current events in Syria.

Lead designer of the game, Tomas Rawlings, told ArabicGamers that it shouldn't be considered propaganda.

"Only in the sense all media is propaganda," he said. "Nobody has forced us to make this game, paid us to say one thing or another - I drew from a wide variety of sources and reflect my own feelings about events, as the designer, in this game."

Rawlings stated that his inspiration for the game was to make people more aware of the events that are currently taking place in Syria.

"Because it is an ongoing situation it means the game can bring people into following events who might not have looked at it otherwise," he added.

"If there are people who don't follow the news but have ended up getting engaged in events in Syria because our game introduced them to it, that would be a success for me.

"The game does link to ways people can both find out more and help the people there."

He also explained the reasoning behind basing the game on the tactics and movement of the rebels instead of creating a simple shooter.

"We wanted to explore the situation in a wider context. I felt as the designer that a first-person shooter was not right for this title.

"We aimed this game at a global audience and I hope it becomes clear that without international support, it is a much harder road for the rebels to travel."

We'll be publishing our full interview with Rawlings later in the week.


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