New game to explore war in Syria

New game to explore war in Syria
DEVELOPER: Auroch Digital
PLATFORM: Mobile PC / Mac
BY: Pierce
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Auroch Digital has announced the development of a controversial new game exploring the war in Syria.

Endgame Syria allows players to take on the role of the rebel movement with the ability to make critical choices that each has its own set of consequences.

For example, players can decide which types of military unit they want deployed across the battlefield or what political paths they want to go down.

The game was developed in the short space of two weeks, as Auroch Digital wanted to mirror real-world events.

"We wanted the events and actions in the game to mirror the real situation," said designer Tomas Rawlings. "So while creating this experience, we were also continually looking at the news and adding or removing components to keep the content current."

Rawlings added that he didn't believe building a game on a war that is currently ongoing is controversial.

"As game developers, games are a natural way for us to express our thoughts on the world around us," he claimed. "Games don't have to be frivolous or lightweight; they can and do take on serious issues and open them up to new audiences.

"If the word 'game' is troubling then we're happy for this to be called a 'simulation' or an 'interactive experience'. For us, the point is that we're using this medium as a means to express and explore the uncertainties of this situation."

We'll be speaking to the developer of Endgame Syria within the coming days and taking a closer look at the wider issues involved.

Endgame Syria is free to download on GooglePlay and, while an iOS launch is 'imminent'.


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