Beyond: Two Souls writer given 'total freedom'

Beyond: Two Souls writer given 'total freedom'
DEVELOPER: Quantic Dream
PLATFORM: PlayStation
BY: Pierce
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Sony has given writer David Cage 'total freedom' to explore his ideas in upcoming Beyond: Two Souls.

Cage's latest project was announced at E3 2012, where a girl is in contact with a ghostly partner.

Cage said he was never put under any pressure by Sony to produce a certain type of game after the success of Heavy Rain.

He told Gamasutra: "Many publishers, after the success of Heavy Rain, would have said, 'Well, you need to do Heavy Rain 2. And do what you want, but it's going to be called Heavy Rain 2.' And we never had this conversation with Sony.

"They just asked me, 'What's next? What do you want to do?' 'Well, I have this idea, what do you think?' 'Yeah. It looks great!'

"We talked about it, explained the concept. They never asked for me to change anything in my script. And, no, total freedom. I think this kind of project can only be made in complete freedom, because otherwise it's not the same experience at all.

"I'm not the kind of guy who works on command and someone tells you, 'You should write something about sci-fi, or about this, or about that.'"

Cage claimed his relationship with Sony was special as few developers are given the type of creative freedom he has.

He added: "I think the real value of this type of experience is that they are true and they are sincere. It's really a story that I needed to tell, and Sony gave me the opportunity to do it, which is quite unique.

"It's really incredible in this industry to have the possibility to work like that."

Beyond: Two Souls doesn't currently have a release date.


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