DOOM multiplayer modes and new trailer

DOOM multiplayer modes and new trailer
DEVELOPER: id Software
COMPANY: Bethesda
PLATFORM: Xbox PlayStation PC / Mac
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Id Softare and Bethesda have announced more on the multiplayer modes after the news of the maps revealed last week.

The six multiplayer game modes, three of which are featured in the new trailer below, are a combination of classic and tweaked game modes.

The first mode is Soul Harvest where players not only kill their opponents and, unlike the traditional Deathmatch mode where you collect points for kills, you’ll be scavenging the world for the souls of the dead. Souls can be picked up by anyone, but only the opposing team will get a point for the collection. If you’re teammate has fallen, however, grab that soul and you could ruin the other team’s chances of taking the win. You’ll also see Demon runes that powers up demons indefinitely. And if you’re killed by a demon? Well, you drop TWO souls. And if you KILL the demon? Well, there is a possibility they will have some souls, up to a maximum of five, which you can pick up. And you have the potential to be a demon too…

Freeze Tag is basically tag with guns. And once you’re shot you are encased in a block of ice. This block can be thawed by your teammates, but you’ll also be a sitting duck to the opposing team. But as a block of ice you’ll also adhere to real physics. So if another player shoots at you, you will slide around the place. And if you’re near a load of hazardous barrels, for example, you’ll thaw quickly, but you might also die. Taking out everything and everyone with you. Your team will clinch the victory if you freeze all of the opposing team.

Warpath, which we mentioned last week, is a mad King of the Hill game mode. You’ve to secure a single capture point which keeps moving across the map. It’s a bit more dynamic with runes also making an appearance in this mode, but very straight forward.

The other three modes are the classic Domination (three static capture points), Team Deathmatch (pretty standard) and Clan Arena (Elimination map with pick ups).

Check out the video below for more and the official DOOM site!



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