Just Cause 3 localised in Arabic

Just Cause 3 localised in Arabic
DEVELOPER: Avalanche Studios
PLATFORM: Xbox PlayStation Mobile PC / Mac
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ArabicGamers has learned that highly anticipated 3rd person action title, Just Cause 3, will be localised into Arabic when released later this year.

The game follows the story of Rico Rodriguez and is set on a set of Mediterranean islands and sees our hero go back to save his home from dictator terror.

The localisation, as we understand, will include complete voice overs and full Arabic menus.

"We here at Avalanche Studios are incredibly excited to bring Just Cause 3 to Arabic gamers everywhere.” said Roland Lesterlin, Game Director of Just Cause 3. “We want to ensure each translation brings the same level of talent and attention we give our English version.  We can't wait for a whole new community of fans to get into our over-the-top action adventure sandbox."

This is another game from the Japanese publisher which will be localised into Arabic after Tomb Raider underwent the same treatment a couple of years ago.

ArabicGamers spoke to the art director Zach Schlappi at GamesCom this year and you can find the video here or you can check below.

You can also check out a whole host of new screens below. There's also a whole new trailer in Arabic! You can find that here.

Just Cause 3 will release on December 1 on XBO, PS4 and PC.



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