A new mode hits Trials Frontier

A new mode hits Trials Frontier
COMPANY: Ubisoft
PLATFORM: Mobile Free to Play
BY: Zainab
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A new PvP mode has just been released for free-to-play mobile game Trials Frontier.

Ubisoft described the new PvP mode where players  compete against each other on three tracks in all-or-nothing matches that don’t permit restarts

"The mysterious Zudina appears in town from her underground bunker. It’s from there that she organizes players to compete in showdowns over month long seasons to reach the highest rank," said the press release.

At the end of each match players will be given prizes including PvP Chips which can be traded at the Chip Store to unlock more tracks.

“The PvP mode is the largest in-game update in Trials Frontier, and will be the first time a true competitive Player vs. Player has ever come to the Trials’ Universe,” said Justin Swan, lead designer

Swan added: “We’ve worked diligently to create a PvP mode that lets players race each other asynchronously while also keeping the competitive Trials spirit alive. We’re inviting all of our players to come fight for a spot on our Legends Leaderboard for fame, glory and in-game winnings.”

You can watch the release video here. The game can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.



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