Sam Lake on Remedy’s live action strategy

Sam Lake on Remedy’s live action strategy
DEVELOPER: Remedy Entertainment
COMPANY: Microsoft
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Sam Lake, Remedy Entertainment’s creative director, has told ArabicGamers that live action has been a focus of the developer for some time.

In an interview, Lake said that they’d been doing “small things with live action, like the in-game televisions [in Alan Wake] were live action, then we did the prequel show, Bright Falls, and with Alan Wake’s American Nightmare we had even more live action”, but with Quantum Break, they wanted to take it to the next level.

Asked if that had been Remedy’s strategy with Quantum Break from the beginning, Lake said it was. He goes on to explain that the game is the story of the heroes, and the supportive TV show; which will run along side the game, would be the story of the villains of the game.

The reason, says Lake, is to understand the perspectives of the different sides. “So you get that different point of view and different perspective and it wouldn’t make sense to show that or to go too deep into that in the game side.

“Naturally we have almost all the characters criss-crossing from the game to the show and back.” Lake added.

And we can expect to see this model continuing to grow, with Remedy leading the way in live action. When Lake was asked about future of the studio’s development strategy and if this was their way forward, he said it was.

“Yes, very much. Already with Alan Wake, and from the get-go we were thinking about building a franchise that’s bigger than just one game.

“[W]e’re taking a big leap with Quantum Break and yes, from the very beginning with Quantum Break, that was the plan. Let’s do a bigger entertainment experience, a big cinematic action game, but even more and adding more layers and more depth into that.”

Sam has also spoken about the inspiration of pop culture on the studio's development strategy, you can find out more here. Our full video interview will be out at some point next week.


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