Arkham Origins dev: Batman will grow as a character

Arkham Origins dev: Batman will grow as a character
DEVELOPER: Warner Bros.
COMPANY: Warner Bros.
PLATFORM: Xbox PlayStation Nintendo PC / Mac
BY: Pierce
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Batman: Arkham Origins will show the Dark Knight growing as a character, according to developer Eric Holmes.

Arkham Origins tells the story of a younger Batman, and sees him come across the evil supervillains for the first time.

Batman won't be the fully-fledged hero that we've come to know and love though, instead he'll have to grow into the role as the game progresses.

"I think the most exciting thing is that this is a really informative story for Batman," he told GameTrailers. "Batman is a character that we're all familiar with, but now we can see him becoming that character.

"Our Batman is a little bit more raw, a little bit more rough-edged. He isn't used to working with anyone yet. He's a little bit more aggressive and solo minded.

"We get to see him knock some of the edges of his character and really develop it."

Holmes has previously stated that following Rocksteady in developing a Batman game will be a big challenge.


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