Dishonored writer prefers Corvo to Gordon Freeman

Dishonored writer prefers Corvo to Gordon Freeman
DEVELOPER: Arkane Studios
COMPANY: Bethesda
PLATFORM: Xbox PlayStation PC / Mac
BY: Pierce

The lead writer of Dishonored has claimed Corvo is a better silent character than Half Life's 'creepy' Gordon Freeman.

Dishonored launches across Europe this week and features a silent protagonist named Corvo.

Writer Austin Grossman said he prefers Corvo to other silent characters, naming Gordon Freeman as an example.

"I hate what Valve does with the silent protagonist. I find it incredibly awkward and really creepy. I find Gordon Freeman creepy as hell," he told Kotaku.

"It's people talking at him, about him and sometimes even for him. He just happens to be in the middle of this whole thing."

Grossman said Corvo is much more involved on a personal level in Dishonored.

"The difference between Dishonored and how it works in Half-Life 2 is that it's a lot more personal.

"I think you get that involvement because the character has personal relationships with people from the beginning. And it's very clear that people have f***** with you in a very personal way.

"I'm biased, of course, but I think Dishonored grips you much more viscerally, more emotionally."

Check out a gameplay video for Dishonored here.


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