New transmedia game Alt-Minds announced

New transmedia game Alt-Minds announced
GAME: Alt-Minds
DEVELOPER: Lexis Numerique
PLATFORM: Mobile PC / Mac
BY: Pierce
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Orange and Lexis Numerique have announced detective adventure game Alt-Minds.

Combining gaming, social networking and storytelling, Alt-Minds is an episodic thriller taking players on a journey through Europe as they attempt to solve a series of kidnappings.

Investigations can be carried out using computers, smartphones, tablets and social networks, with players having to interact with each other to reveal answers.

The game will be playable through an app on your PC or tablet, with a new mission being given to you each day.

Missions will involve several tasks such as finding out a suspect's name by searching through evidence and using Facebook, or uncovering car license plate numbers using a scanning tool.

Support for technology such as Google Maps and Street View will also be implemented into the game to help complete missions.

You will be able to track clues using your smartphone, with mission details and updates being sent to your handset.

Eight episodes will be released for Alt-Minds over eight weeks, with the first episode being free. Episodes are expected to cost around £2.50 GBP.

Check out the visuals you will encounter in Alt-Minds below.

We’ll have much more on Alt-Minds in the near future.


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