Wii U Miiverse not connecting to Facebook or Twitter

Wii U Miiverse not connecting to Facebook or Twitter
COMPANY: Nintendo
PLATFORM: Nintendo
BY: Pierce
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Miiverse will not connect with other social networks.

Nintendo confirmed the Wii U’s social network and operating system hybrid will not support the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Nintendo of Europe’s Laurent Fischer told GamesIndustry there are plenty of devices capable of accessing those social networks already.

He said: “I have three devices permanently doing that already, what is our benefit to do so also?”

The Miiverse will instead offer users different ways of interacting.

Fischer added: “On the Wii U we do have additional reasons for connecting, we talked about things like the video chat system, nothing revolutionary but it’s going to be convenient, it’s going to be easy.

“And the Miiverse is the one actually that I believe has a very unique feature which is we put ourselves in the situation of making sure the people you can communicate with they are somehow already in a kind of community.

“The community will be the Wii U owners, who will have this common interest for video games and our expectation about that is it’s going to be a way to enhance the idea of sharing information on the video game.”


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