Sniper Elite 4 launches this year

Sniper Elite 4 launches this year
DEVELOPER: Rebellion
COMPANY: Rebellion
PLATFORM: Xbox PlayStation PC / Mac
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Rebellion has announced that the next instalment of the hugely popular Sniper Elite series will launch this year across all platforms.

The game is set immediately after the story of Sniper Elite 3, where you were running around North Africa in a bid to destroy a German super-tank.

This time you’ll be teaming up with the Italian Resistance. You’ll have to scale Nazi megastructures, explore the beautiful Italian countryside all while staying stealthy and sniper-y!

And of course, we’ll see the return of the slow motion bullet-cam, which will no doubt have more gruesome animations for perfectly shot bullets…!

As of yet there is no release date other than it’ll be some time this year. We reckon it will hit in August. The game will be made of dedicated campaigns, co-op and adversarial multiplayer modes.

We love Sniper Elite, you can read our review here. We’ll also post a video with some of our best moments from the game. Trailer here.

More news as it comes, so check back here.


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