3 games Microsoft should turn into TV shows

3 games Microsoft should turn into TV shows
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BY: Pierce
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Earlier this week Microsoft revealed it was co-producing a new sci-fi show called Humans, set in an alternate world where robotic servants have been designed to ease the strain on families.  Later on Nancy Tellem, the company's president of entertainment and digital media, said there's a huge amount of high quality content Microsoft could use for a TV show, citing Gears of War and Forza as examples.

Below are three games we'd like to see Microsoft turn into TV shows.

Gears of War

This goes without saying. Imagine an epic, season-long look at the battle between humans and the Locust. There'd be massive fights and larger-than-life characters. There'd also probably be awful dialogue, but enough explosions and intensity to make even the biggest action movie fan sit up and take notice. Of course you'd need someone huge to play the role of Marcus Fenix... What's The Rock up to these days? 


Imagine following a lone adventurer who goes on a revenge mission and becomes a fearsome warrior along the way. That could be a TV show based on Fable. There would be trolls and other wild enemies involved, think of it as a watered down Lord of the Rings. There'd probably be a chicken or two to kick as well, if you're into that sort of thing.

Dead Rising

This might be a tough sell due to the remarkable success of The Walking Dead, but stick with me. Dead Rising has always been about tongue-in-cheek humour and thousands of dumb zombies to kill in numerous ways. A series following the same concept could do well. Imagine an episode where the lead character mows down a hundred zombies riding his Rollerhawg, flamethrower included. We'd watch it.

And one that it shouldn't... Forza

Does anybody actually like those Fast and Furious films? What about that Need for Speed movie that just came out? Watching men drive cars really fast with absolutely minimal story attached. Forza was mentioned by Tellem as one of the fantastic properties that Microsoft owns, but we'd pay them not to waste their millions on a series about expensive cars going really, really quickly. 


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