Crysis 3 maxing out current-gen consoles

Crysis 3 maxing out current-gen consoles
GAME: Crysis 3
PLATFORM: Xbox PlayStation PC / Mac
BY: Pierce
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Crytek believes it has pushed the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 graphically as far as they can go.

The next-generation consoles look to be right around the corner, with many players looking forward to new hardware that will show off even better graphics than today's games.

Crytek producer, Mike Read, said it's been a tough task to keep the console versions of Crysis 3 on par with the PC version.

"Yeah, I think so," he told ArabicGamers when asked if Crysis 3 pushed the consoles to their limits.

"I mean we're really maxing it out now, especially seeing how much further we've pushed PC hardware until the point where it's still future proof.

"With consoles, with the different pipelines and the way the PS3 and Xbox work, the amount of memory and processing power that we have to deal with, we definitely have to bring that down quite a few notches to make sure we don't ruin the experience for the players.

"But yeah I'd say we're probably pushing both ends of that but still offering a great experience."

Read also said Crytek learnt a lot about console development on Crysis 2 that helped them when working on Crysis 3.

"Just on the back end, we learnt a lot about console development during Crysis 2, which was something we didn't know as much about beforehand.

"So coming into Crysis 3 we really learnt how to develop in tandem with the PC and consoles, but at the same time using the PC and utilising that to its maximum power."

Crysis 3 is scheduled to launch next week. Click here to read up on our latest preview for the shooter.


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