ZombiU shouldn't be played like Call of Duty

ZombiU shouldn't be played like Call of Duty
GAME: ZombiU
COMPANY: Ubisoft
PLATFORM: Nintendo
BY: Pierce

ZombiU is a much different experience to Call of Duty with zombies, according to Ubisoft's Jean-Phillipe Caro.

Caro explained that players will have to take their time and not rush into situations otherwise they'd die before too long.

Caro told ONM: "The market is going towards more action games. Call of Duty is driving the market and everyone is going to Call of Duty's market. When we had to work with Nintendo we had two screens to make a new experience.

"When we were making Killer Freaks we discovered that it was not a good place for players to feel the potential of the console and the dual screens because the player needs to look at one screen and go to another screen and this move is not natural.

"That's why we decided to go to a slow pace. We thought about this for a long time and the GamePad became of use in the management part. When I'm playing an action game, I can aim and shoot at the TV.

"But each time I have to look for something on my mini-map, to watch on my scanner of to look around me, think, to react and make a plan or make a strategy, I use my GamePad. That's when we had the idea to make the GamePad our survival kit."

Caro claimed learning how to use the GamePad as a survival kit will be the most important task.

He added: "If you play like in Call of Duty, you will die. You will have to learn how to use the GamePad as your survival kit. If you listen carefully to your GamePad, you will succeed because the game is hard."


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