Bugs we know of
more bugs....
More bugs....
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Hello Ello_101

Thanks for your comments, and thanks for letting us know. We're working on all of this now, and please do let us know if there is anything else.
As for the iPhone app, we're building this now. It was just a placeholder to see how it works. But the app is incoming.
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1. Remove post doesnt work.
2. Allowing nulls to be posted.
3. Clicking post makes the page jump and doesn’t post it most of the time.
4. Cannot move the cursor around in text boxes using the arrow keys and very difficult using the mouse. I used notepad to modify this post before posting it as I was scrolling through lines trying to change things and it wouldn’t let me.
5. Logging in is extremely flakey. Had one of the guys beside me login and he couldn’t (Ello_101). My login works fine everytime though.
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@ TheMoessiah,
Issue is now resolved.
Not sure what was causing the problem, possibly browser related, but i'm able to log in again

Posting this reply i had a tough time trying to actually post it.
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hi, recent fixes are:

1) change user photo
2) change password (non Facebook connect users only)
3) forum errors
4) selecting content
5) case sensitive login
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webago, one more forum error.. you can't use the arrow keys on the keyboard to Manoeuvre the text you're writing in the text boxes. Apart from this, forum is ace.
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